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While we produce your order with the desired quality and on time delivery, you will be able to spare time for the development of your own brand. You should choose Kervan to have a trouble-free production experience.

Shipping Worldwide

Kervan manufacturers saddlery goods for brands all over the world, to more than 25 countries.

You may got Profit

You may got profit too. Our customers gets goods from us and sell them with 3 times or more profit.

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Export from Turkey to the Whole World

Kervan; It specializes in producing leather products for e-commerce store sellers who want to sell on online sales platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress.

We are assertive about meeting speed, flexible production and sustainable price expectations. We also attach importance to the fact that our producing and designing team work under conditions worthy of human dignity. Working with Kervan is an extremely enjoyable and exciting experience for both our customers and our teammates.

What does Kervan offer?

Saddlery Products Manufacturing


Kervan produces a wide range of products thanks to its expert craftsmen and wide machinery park.

Bags & Luggage: Dopp kit, Makeup Bag, Clutch Bag, Shoulder Bag, Briefcase, Messenger Bag, Crossbody Bag, Backpack, Clutch Bag, Travel Bag Wallet & Card Holder: Women’s wallet, magnetic wallet, Wedge wallet, Piston Wallet, Cutout Wallet, Card Holder, Smart Card Holder Decoration Products: Table Mat, Table Mat, Trash Can, Candle Holder, Cup Holder, Magazine & Newspaper Holder, Bed Decoration, Runner, Leather Table, Cutlery Holder, Napkin Holder, Notebook, Notebook Case Device Case: For all electronic devices leather covered device case on silicone, Magnetic Mobile Phone Wallet, AirPods Case, Multi Case Pull Out Case, Mobile Phone Wallet Headphone Case

Just a fraction of what we’ve produced so far. What our saddlery masters can produce is limited to your imagination and the needs of your brand.

Our Collection

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Featured Products

We Provide Genuine Leather

We provide best genuine leather for leading local and international leather good manufacturers.

 Kervan, with its subsidiaries and stakeholders in different regions of Turkey, provides first quality leather that can meet many different needs. It sells wholesale and retail products from its stocks.
We have a large stock of Crazy Horse and Tiana Leather types, which are the most preferred especially in the American market, as well as Napa, Printed, Cabinet and Natural leather types for our customers appealing to the Turkish market.
You are in the right place for your individual leather purchases that will show off your handicraft in the best way in your own hobby workshop or handmade saddlery workshops, or for your orders of hundreds of thousands of dm2.
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You will succeed

We have witnessed many times how startups that start with small steps grow with consistent and devoted work. You can achieve it too!

Let us share our experience, draw a road map for you, and now you can manage your own brand. Let us work together to design everything from your logo to your corporate identity, from your website to your packaging. Let our designers draw the models you dream of, let us prepare samples, or apply your logo to the products you choose from our ready-made collection. Let us prepare your entire collection and start your photo shoot. In short, let’s carry out all branding processes together. All you have to do is manage.

Best Sellers in Spring & Summer


Vegetable Tanned Leather

Flexible Manufacturing Model

Kervan Leather, exhibits an integrated and flexible production model thanks to modern technologies in the sector and our experienced craftsmen. Our team, which guides the industry in this sense, delivers hundreds of thousands of products every year with 100% customer satisfaction, without compromising on quality.

Thing You Must Know

While Creating Your Own Leather Brand

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It’s time to tell you about our own working style, our lifestyle.

We return to ourselves. This is Kervan Leather, where everyone works respectfully and at an equal distance from each other. Here, production is done in unity and togetherness.

In the Kervan, there may sometimes be setbacks on the road to success. But the Kervan, regroups and is back on the road each time.
Isn’t success a journey anyway? 

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